sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

TWD: Blueberry- Nectarine Pie

I know I'm VERY late for this one... I've been up to so many things! but yet, every time I feel stressed out or sad, baking is the only thing that gets me back on my feet again.

I feel that if I bake (anything) and share it with other people, I will be able to reconect with them or make them smile in the slightest way. I am up for small "thank you smiles", it's the only way I feel helpfull!

This pie was one of those: "smile please" gifts. It was challenging because I didn't have a pan! I have given them all out and have to start collecting them again... But the result wasn't that bad!

I loved the fruit inside of the pie, with the flavour contrast of nectarine (more acid) and blueberrys (sweet, sweet, sweet). The one problem I found (like always) was the crust! I think it was too salty, and I think I do it wrong... It brakes when I try to roll it! I use tons of flour to dust the work surface because it sticks with all its strenght to it! Any ideas why it always comes out wrong?

The inside had to much liquid, so I couldnt get a good picture of a slice! The pan I used didn't help at all with that so sorry for the mess!

Any way, the finished pie was delicious and the friends I gave it to loved it, they even said it was better than my lemon meringue pie!!! I have to do it again because if they think its that good when it came out pretty wrong I can't imagine what it would be like when it turns out right!!!

You can find the recipe in Manchego's Kitchen and That skinny chick can bakeHope everyone is having a great summer!! Enjoy!

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  1. Nice pie! I agree the filling was great.
    A few tips you asked about pie doughs: the most important thing ever is not to over work it, especially if your hands are not cold. Rinse them under cold water if they´re warm. If the dough calls for liquid, add most of what says in the instructions, and add the rest if needed. When you start rolling the dough, don´t flour the counter too much. Add flour as needed to prevent sticking. If you added too much liquid to start with then you add too much extra flour and that makes the dough tough. Overworking it also makes it tough. Don´t skimp on the resting period in the refrigerator; doughs need to rest for an hour at least so they can be rolled properly.
    The only thing that will eventually make your pie doughs great is practice! Besides tips, you should bake regularly so it becomes clear when to stop adding water, how to roll without adding too much flour, etc.
    Google `pie dough tutorial´ and go over them. Good luck!

  2. My pie was very runny also. Your pie in the bowl looks pretty!

  3. Paula has some great advice in her comments about pie dough. I think the most important part is the taste!