miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

TWD: French Strawberry Cake

I am finally back! Exams ended, grades came and exams are back on in 20 days! Great time for me to start cooking and studying at the same time. I was off for too long and I missed this!!

The Génoise was interesting to make, something like baking glutten free cakes, because it helps give the cake more thikness. I love strawberry in all its ways, so I decided to make a simple strawberry coulis. 

I baked half of the recipe but used a pan that was to big for this amount... so in the end it was too thin. Given that, I left it too much time in the oven so in the end it was also dry.

I have now a dry cake that is to thin to cut in two. How do I fix that? Extra whipped cream and coulis. That is of course until I make my glutten free version of it and fix everything that went wrong. 

For a first time I found it really nice, but do need to work out on that oven and pan thing... Right now I am looking forward to my next try! 

You can find the recipes here this week: Sophia's Sweets and Sleep, Love Think, Dine. Enjoy!

5 comentarios:

  1. I love that you used strawberry coulis!! I'm sure next time it won't be that dry!!!! I made mine on Monday and it's still very moist today, i just don't like genoise, that's all hahaha i wish I had thought about putting coulise though, such a great idea!

  2. Love strawberry coulis. That would haved been great to put on the cake layers to soak in and make it less dry.

  3. Strawberry coulis is a great idea! I think genoise is a little tricky but so delicious.

  4. I'm sure the next time you'll make a perfect Genoise.
    It may be intimidating, but once you know "how to", you'll see that it's quite easy.
    Well done with the coulis!

  5. Strawberry coulis is a great idea. I think the genoise caused more than a few of us some struggles :-)