martes, 3 de abril de 2012

TWD: Pizza Rústica

Like allways I find trouble with the crust. This time it was because of the hurry I had to bake it. In the end it tasted really good, but maybe to sweet for some people. 

For the crust, I doubled the quantity of butter by mistake wich made it extreamly sticky at first. I fixed it by mixing in more flour, but the result was a sort of shortbread crust. That and the fact that I put too much dough to decorate made it a bit sweet, but not at all bad.

I love the quiche filling, but will try putting more flavour in it the next time, maybe extra strong cheese like Gorgonzola? or some mushroom mix with truffle? I think we can find so many options here that this is a must repeat recipe.

Also I fixed it with a little spicy italian oil, that gave it a new grasp. As you can see its not the bestsomeone can make. For now this is the normal recipe, I have decided to start doing this recipes glutten free, so will be catching up soon! 

Check the recipe in the Hosts' blogs: Capital Region Dining Blog and The place they call home.


4 comentarios:

  1. Looks great even if you put too much butter, and I love the idea with the mushrooms mix!!

  2. Sorry the crust gave you trouble. I like your substitutions.

  3. I like all of your ideas for adding flavor to the pie!
    Very nice

  4. Pati, mira mi blog te he dejado una sorpresilla! jajaja