martes, 10 de abril de 2012

My Gluten Free Baking Corner: Pizza Rustica

Once I decided I have to learn everything about gluten free baking, I started thinking about doing every recipe on TWD/Baking with Julia in a gluten free version.

Why do I need this? I have a friend who is celiac and for as long as I can remember she is my inspiration in this area. Every birthday I try to make something new and different for her and there are some good things I have to say!

The Pizza Rustica this time was different than the standard one, filling was made with mushrooms, truffle, and philladelphia. The crust was a bit harder this time, no mistakes in what's related to quantities, but it has allways been a bit harder to meassure with cornstarch as the "all purpose flour".  

The result wasnt better than the first Pizza rustica, I still find it a weird combination of ingredients, and this time it was pretty clear that salty and sweet didnt match very well. On the other hand, crust and filling alone are DELICIOUS!

So here it is for you too see with a wonderfull background of the Pyrenees! Enjoy!

3 comentarios:

  1. I love the pictures and the fact that you're working so hard to make the recipes gluten free, Jimena is very lucky :)

  2. Pati i am really impressed, i must say that i am with Mireia, i think i am very Lucky with you, i am geting the chance to try very good things. I have to say: YOU ARE AN ARTIST !

  3. sigo emocionadaaaa !!!!!!!!! que bueno y que ganas de probar más recetas sin gluten hechas por ti.